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Sansui Amplifier Repairs Sansui G This was not working, not surprisingly, found the left channel had blown loads of resistors and transistors. I replaced them and after powering it up, luckily, on a mains limiter as it was in overload. Turned out the preset for the quiescent was open so the outputs were being turned fully on. Replaced both presets ohm worked fine, replaced several capacitors on the driver and PSU boards while I had it in bits! Sansui G This one had blown the 2. The output transistors had also blown. I also replaced the driver transistors and one of the temp sense transistors by using a BC L. It also needed the panel lights replacing 8V mA. Sansui AU The speaker relay was switching on-off, I eventually found that four ohm fusible resistors were open circuit and 6.

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If you’re not familiar with my site, it’s simple, and you’ll love it or hate it: It’s not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since ’98 and I firmly believe, “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Just click on any underlined text and it should open a picture; if you move your cursor over the pic and there’s a magnifying glass displayed instead of your cursor, click the pic and it will expand it to larger size. Super clean – modern take on the old Stingray 1, first released in along with the Stingray Bass.

By it was gone from the catalog.

Model: Serial no. Year: Color: Handles: Castor cups: Backpanel: Grillcloth: Corner logo: Marshall logo: baffle cleat: baffle triangle: rubber: Speaker: Model no.

Dating a Marshall cab. Dating marshall 4×12 cab, dating a vintage marshall cab As a result, dating cabs can be more art than science. Tips and How-To’s Marshall amplifiers made hard rock possible. This will give you an approximate idea of the era during which your amp was manufactured. True serial numbers weren’t really used by Marshall until Julyso specimens made prior to that can only be accurately dated to a fuzzy span of several years.

Click here to skip directly to information on Marshall serial numbers. We recently wrote an article detailing that rich history which you can read herebut for those simply looking to figure out how old their Marshall amp is, we offer this shortcut. It’s also one more piece of evidence to pair with the serial number to corroborate the actual year.

The guide below will help you quickly and clearly date Marshall amps and cabinets, without us waxing poetic about their influence. The guide for that is much simpler: Marshall amps had such precedent-setting wattage and tone that their history can hardly be separated from the history of rock itself. Keep in mind that no reliable serial number information exists for pre Marshall amps, so if your amp doesn’t have a number matching one of the formats below, it is likely pre and identifiable by features rather than serial number.

Identifying an Yngwie Strat

In terms of power and clean headroom it is the smallest of all the Fender piggy back amps. The blackface Tremolux and Bandmaster AB are almost identical amps, just that the Tremolux is sized for smaller events and gigs. The Tremolux had tube rectifier, while the blackface Bandmaster had diode. Both amps had tremolo but no reverb. The sound is nice and clean and the tone remains relatively clean when one turns the volume knob.

The video clip demonstrates a blonde Tremolux, which is quite similar to the blackface.

Dec 11,  · A cab is only as strong a it’s lowest rated speaker X the number of speakers in it. The Signal Studio on MySpace Download The Shapes’s EP + 4 singles, FREE (I play drums in this band).

Both woofers were sourced to be the correct AlNiCo magnet versions, with the ‘damping ring’ as the original pair had too many issues we repeatedly found with our AF Gen Sweep processes. The original surrounds on AR-3a woofers were typically ‘distorted’, so we sent these to our local, ‘been in business 40 years’ speaker shop for fresh surrounds. The ‘spiders’ were also slightly ‘deformed’ we didn’t notice this as it is a rare condition on most speakers, was hard to see, but would show up at 3 different frequencies on an AF generator sweep, but most noticeable centered at 80Hz , so he ‘painstakingly’ replaced them, while retaining the original VC’s and Cones retaining the original Voice Coils and Cones made the process logarithmically more difficult.

We have completely tested all drivers. All drivers were removed and tested individually. Attenuators removed and ‘burnished’ for ‘intermittent-free’ performance. Felt feet were installed to the bottom plates. Cosmetically, the grills were cleaned, and the original ‘hot glue attachment’ replaced with Velcro. We also added a ‘pull tab’ to facilitate removal. Grill frames intact with NO cracks or breaks. Our tech was able to make the ‘real wood’ Walnut veneer cabinets ‘presentable’ and they just had a fresh coat of ‘Restore-a-Finish’, then ‘Feed-n-Wax’, then buffed.

See above photos for details of cosmetic issues. Next, as always they were tested with both recorded material, PN k and swept them with our AF generator from 10Hz kHz.

Help Dating Celestion Speakers

About Guitars Buying a new guitar is a considerable investment for most of us. An instrument is all about inspiration. You are the musician and the guitar is the tool you use to express your feelings and music. This has nothing to do with what models you choose or how much they cost. Some basic knowledge about the different wood types, neck and body profiles, pickups etc will help you in making the best choice.

However, over the last decade or so, the MIMs has gotten a considerable face lift and the overall quality is very high.

This vintage slant cab houses 4 Celestion G12M T 25w speakers w/ ‘4’ bass cones. All speakers function as they should and are considered last of the original Pulsonic cones before the ‘RIC’ cones became standard issue.

Specifications[ edit ] The Hot Rod Deluxe is an all tube combo amp rated at 40 watts. It utilizes a single inch Celestion A-Type Speaker. The Hot Rod Deluxe is a mono-channel amplifier featuring 3 switchable gain levels: Footswitch and External Speaker jacks are also built in. Electronics and construction[ edit ] As an all-tube pre-amp and power sections combo guitar amplifier, the Hot Rod Deluxe features a pair of 6L6 GC beam tetrodes for the power section and two 12AX7 dual triodes for the preamp section.

One additional 12AX7 tube is utilized for the phase inverter of the power section. However, the rectifier , reverb driver and recovery, and effects loop circuits are solid state. The power section uses a “fixed bias ” biasing scheme with an adjustable bias potentiometer installed from the factory. The factory bias is 60 mA total for both 6L6s. The physical appearance of the Hot Rod series is based on the mid-to-late ’50’s “narrow panel” tweed amplifiers with accouterments such as a top mounted, chrome plated chassis and black “chicken head” pointer knobs, but with textured black tolex found on Fender amps from the s onward rather than the tweed covering.

Internally, there are two sets of circuit boards. The main circuit board contains the majority of the electronic elements and provides the base onto which the potentiometers for the various controls, and the input and output jacks, are mounted. A secondary board provides the base onto which the tube sockets are mounted although the pair of power tube sockets are mounted directly on the chassis with long leads connecting those to the secondary board.

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The combination of size, weight and performance makes the Deluxe Reverb a true road warrior on gigs and practise. Since the year we have observed, by monitoring the amp market on US ebay, that low wattage amps have increased dramatically in popularity. We find it irrational.

It features a 1. From Dec to Sept the day of the month was omitted. To determine when your speaker was made, simply look for a pair of letters within the code and use the chart below to celestion speakers dating .

The earliest models were nicknamed “greenbacks” because of their green plastic magnet cover. The end result is that it is a quieter speaker at the same comparative output setting on an amp than others including the G12H or Vintage These topic areas can be discussed in simple terms or they can be more scientific when one chooses to dig deeper. Many of our reader questions become the basis of new articles written and this is certainly an example of one of those. The tone of the G12M is the foundation for much of the greatest rock and blues music ever recorded.

And what does one sound like “in real life” away from the world of recording studios that can alter, shape and compress the sound through the mixing board, e. And this is an area that is all too often neglected.

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The Torpedo Captor is an easy to use reactive Loadbox perfect for unleashing your favorite tube amp in a variety of modern applications and venues. If you just require attenuation from your amp to your cab, Captor has you covered. The concept You love the sound of your amplifier pushed right to the magic sweet spot where the best tones are. Enter Torpedo, the simplest and most realistic way to get your sound to your audience.

Use the amp you love!

A British speaker of somewhat conventional design the Splendor BC1 is a legend in some British circles. Large production of this now discontinued model ensure availability for those looking on the.

The source-date code on a pot is a 6 or 7 digit code impressed into the casing of the potentiometer. For speakers this code can be 5, 6, 7 or 8 digits long, and it’s ink-stamped or paint-stamped on the “bell housing” of the speaker. In either case, the code works the same. The first 3 digits on a pot, or the first 2, 3 or 4 digits on a speaker are the source or manufacturer code. The remaining 3 or 4 digits are the date code. In 3 digit dates code, the 1st digit is the last digit of the year.

On 4 digits date codes, the 1st and 2nd digits are the last two digits of the year. In either case, the remaining 2 digits are the week of manufacture 01 to With this in mind, remember if the last two digits of the source-date code are greater than 52, you’re not looking at the source-date code!

Celestion G12M-65 Creamback 12″ Speaker 8 Ohm

Are you looking for an amp that can handle rehearsals with the band and practice at home, with the tonal flexibility you need for recording sessions, as well as enough power for gigs? The Peavey Classic series was first introduced in the early s and has by all accounts been a big success for Peavey. Today we’ll be taking a look at the latest version of one of the most popular models in that line, and one that may just be all you need for all of those tasks – the Peavey Classic Covered in an attractive and tough tweed material with a brown grille cloth and chrome corner protectors, it has a decidedly vintage look to its cosmetics.

HIWATT World Register Hylight and Biacrown Cabinets Last updated November 12, NOTE: The speaker cabinet serial number series is separate from the amplifier one.

You may compare these with your own speakers to determine what you have. Speakers are like ice cream; we all have our favorite taste. Some like strawberry while others like chocolate. What someone finds harsh can be beautiful sparkle to others. Speakers can have different frequency response depending on materials and construction design, like cone shape, magnet weight and coil size.

New speakers will therefore sound different from vintage speakers. There are of course exceptions to our preference of American speakers. One is a heavily cranked amp with a bright single coil guitar. The amp has a huge bottom end and a slightly edgy Fender 6L6 push-pull class AB cranked tone. Think of Keith Richards. Another example is a bright jazzmaster with bridge and neck pickup combined for some jangly surf tone, through a big clean amp like a Pro Reverb, Super Reverb or Twin Reverb with lots of reverb.

In some cases we want more power and headroom, particularly in small single speaker amps like the Princeton Reverb and the Deluxe Reverb who were poorly equipped from the Fender factory it is a big shame that the Jensen C12n never was installed in the blackface Deluxe Reverb.

Dating A Celestion Speaker

Part 15 — Open Baffles and Bass When you think of a speaker, you think of a speaker in a box. Peter Comeau explores the alternatives With the exception of panel speakers like electrostatics, an enclosure and a drive unit seem inseparable. If we look at the early history of loudspeakers, however, it is littered with, what we now call, open baffle speakers.

Having been brought up in the hi-fi tradition of speakers in boxes I remember being horrified when I first discovered an old radio with a perforated back plate. Surely the front and back waves would cancel each other out?

Again, for a speaker in an enclosure, we would normally select a Q > for a closed box speaker and a Q.

Misfits band Doyle, the younger brother of the Misfits bassist, Jerry Only , was originally a roadie for the band and was taught how to play guitar by lead vocalist Glenn Danzig and his brother. He joined the Misfits in October at the age of Doyle was the band’s third guitarist, replacing Bobby Steele The Undead after Steele failed to show up to practice sessions. Like Glenn and Jerry, Doyle incorporated the Devilock into his image.

Doyle in Main article: Misfits Michael Graves era lead guitarist[ edit ] In Jerry settled a legal battle out of court with co-founder Glenn Danzig, effectively allowing him rights to the band’s name on a performing level. The group released two full-length albums of new material. Touring with Danzig and forming Gorgeous Frankenstein[ edit ] Main article:

WGS ET-65 vs Celestion Greenback (Fender Blues Junior)

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