How to Activate iPhone 4/3GS on iOS 4.3.3 Using SAM?

How to Activate iPhone 4/3GS on iOS 4.3.3 Using SAM?

Give your media archive the big-screen treatment Shares Your laptop, phone or tablet offers the perfect medium for watching movies and other media on the go. When you’re at home, however, your big-screen TV rules the roost for a good reason. Why make do with squinting at your mobile’s cramped display when you can — with the help of our guide — hook it up to your telly, wirelessly or with cables? Read on to discover everything you need to know. How do I connect my mobile or laptop wirelessly? These days, it’s easier and cheaper than ever to connect to your TV wirelessly, eliminating the need for any unsightly and awkward trailing cables. If your flat-screen TV is a smart model with support for DLNA media streaming, then you can send movies, photos and other media files directly to it without the need for any additional hardware — just locate the right app on your TV to receive the content.

How to back up an iPhone

If you can’t see the update on your device, you can update manually using iTunes. Update your device wirelessly If a message says that an update is available, tap Install Now. You can also follow these steps: Plug your device into power and connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi. Tap Download and Install.

1) Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac with the supplied Lightning cable. 2) If prompted on the iOS device to “Trust” the computer, go ahead and tap the Trust button. 3) Launch the Image Capture app from your Applications folder.

With a few quick adjustments, you can set all those wires aside today. After you do, your iPhone and the iTunes software on your computer will automatically synchronize over your Wi-Fi network. These services allow you to quickly move files between your iPhone and computer, or between the other devices you own. Rather than shuttling documents back and forth via a USB cable or with iTunes, this is often the most convenient way to move files between devices.

You can then access the photos on your computer using the iPhoto app on a Mac or the iCloud Photo Library feature built into the iCloud software for Windows. How Does Wireless Charging Work? You can purchase a special iPhone case with wireless charging hardware built-in and place it on your iPhone. Or, better yet, consider just getting a dock. Bluetooth Low Energy Explained: How New Types of Wireless Gadgets Are Now Possible You can also get wireless headphones to avoid having their cables become tangled in your pocket or bag.

View your iPhone on your Mac

Start Download people have downloaded it From the above introduction we can know that dr. Now, let’s check the 3 method: Run the program and connect your iPhone Run the program on your computer after downloading and installing it, and then connect your iPhone to the computer. When your device is recognized, just click on “Recover” the main window of the program.

This will save you time for scanning. If you want to check all contents on your iPhone at the same time, you can choose to check the items all.

The first thing you need to do is connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac using the USB to Lightning connector you got with your device. Step 3: Launch Image Capture Image Capture on Mac is one of the most underrated utilities.

Pro Apps Support Be a healthier you From cross-training to crossing the street, everything you do helps close all three rings on your Apple Watch. Get the most out of your new iPhone or Mac Discover all the features of your new iPhone or Mac that let you do more than ever. Get to know your Mac Find out about your coverage AppleCare products give you additional repair coverage and technical support.

If you already bought an AppleCare product, you can manage it online. Choose a repair option Beware of counterfeit parts Some counterfeit and third party power adapters and batteries may not be designed properly and could result in safety issues. To ensure you receive a genuine Apple battery during a battery replacement, we recommend visiting an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider.

If you need a replacement adapter to charge your Apple device, we recommend getting an Apple power adapter. Also non-genuine replacement displays may have compromised visual quality and may fail to work correctly. Apple-certified screen repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts. Videos designed to make your experience shine. The members of our Apple Support Community can help answer your question.

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Gadget Hacks If you have no desire to get a separate Mac desktop computer, but want to either supersize your laptop’s screen for gaming or need to get additional screen real estate while you work, then connecting your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro to an external display is the right call. Your Mac should automatically detect the additional monitor, and it will act as an extended desktop to your primary one AKA your Mac’s screen.

If for some reason your monitor isn’t recognized by your MacBook model, open up System Preferences, and in the Displays settings pane, click on Detect Displays. If you see Gather Windows instead, hold down the Option key to make it change to Detect Displays, then click on it. This should make your external display function properly.

In the sidebar, select your device. In the Device Info view, click on the cogwheel to the right of your device’s name. This will open the Device Options. In the Device Options, tick or untick Enable Wi-Fi Connection. What to keep in mind. Your device needs to be .

Computers View your iPhone on your Mac Using a few third-party utilities, you can quickly turn your Mac into a display for your iPhone or iPad. In addition, Apple supports its Wi-Fi-based AirPlay mirroring technology that allows streaming of the iPhone or iPad’s screen to supported devices. This allows for viewing through projectors and on televisions which have this technology. The iPhone’s Control Center allows you to select an airplay mirroring device, which can be your computer if you have an appropriate AirPlay mirroring utility installed.

As with iOS, Apple has included AirPlay mirroring in OS X to stream to devices that support this feature, but has not provided a way to stream from one system to the next. Granted, Apple supports screen sharing between Macs, and options to take screenshots in iOS for sharing on a Mac; however, if you would like to view your iPhone or iPad’s output directly on a Mac, then Apple does not provide a built-in solution for this. However, this ability is possible using third-party applications which implement an AirPlay server, which supports device mirroring.

There are a number out there, with a couple of popular options being AirServer , and Reflector. To use these apps, you simply launch them and with minimal configuration to ensure the best quality for your specific iOS device, you can then connect your iOS device via AirPlay from the Control Center panel. In addition to viewing iOS content on your Mac’s display, you can use some of these apps to record your actions, which make for a quick way to create a short tutorial.

iPhone 7 Plus Teardown

Verizon users can also get the privilege for a similar additional fee. Set it up on your iPhone legal option Update: Charges will apply, but all it takes is two simple steps: If not, the iPhone will show you exactly how to do it in clear, easy steps. The hotspot can share data in three ways:

Yes, you can use GoToMyPC to access your Mac from a PC, your PC from a Mac, your Mac from a Mac or your PC from a PC. When connecting to your computer, GoToMyPC will automatically launch the Viewer optimized for the type of computer you are accessing.

Sebastien Yes, but the big problem with this is that there is no easy way to access individual pictures without restoring using the backup made. For example, say you make a backup via iTunes, then delete all your photos from your iPhone, how will you be able to email me one of those pics? But i agree, a simple backup in DropBox or iPhoto is much easier. I particularly like the app versioning it does. It will tell you what iOS version apps are compatible with.

LOTS of people found adware and spyware installed. Do you believe everything you read on the Internet? Or change the save location to wherever you want.

How to Hook Up a Microphone and Headset to a Computer

Follow Coolmuster My friend sent cool stuff via text messages to my iPhone. And I have been looking for a way to read my text messages on my computer. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to do so? Thank you very much for any suggestion. If you’re also met a situation like above, then you’ve been the right place. As it known to all, contacts and messages are the most important part in the daily communication, but it can’t easily be viewed or edited on the desktop computer due to Apple’s security consideration.

I was trying to hook up my blackjack to my laptop as a modem. I never got it working, but now for some reason, my laptop will not recognize the secure network ip at work it defaults to the cell IP address.

In some cases, you can also connect to your phone’s Internet capabilities through a USB cable. The phone service provider provides the application or native software, which is most likely preinstalled on your phone. If you don’t see the app, use the Search feature to search for “hotspot” on your phone. Phone Setup To use the mobile hotspot feature, you need iOS 4. You may also need to configure the connection initially on your computer through iTunes.

After your network is configured, turn on the app on your phone. Then, turn on your MacBook’s wireless capabilities.

How to connect an iPhone to Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook

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