Ancient Greece and Rome Ackernecht ch. The Greco-Roman outlook survived unchanged until the eighteenth century , and even today we still use a large part of the Greek nomenclature For some other people’s thoughts click here Moslem conquest of Syria. They went as far as France, but were defeated at Tours in and moved back to Spain. Hospitals of medieval Islam Ackernecht ch. This was particularly true within the hospitals which were the greatest medical achievement of the Middle Ages.

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However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments.

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Hugo Rowley Hugo Rowley is an unapologetic progressive, vegan and community organizer, with decades of experience in activism and groundbreaking accredited journalism under his belt. He is at the forefront of the gender revolution and believes we urgently need to forge a new definition of masculinity. He is Chief Diversity Coordinator and senior editor at the Accredited Times , the fastest growing accredited news site on the web.

The colorful history of Britain is one that is greatly enriched by the exploits of the various tribes who have made this island their home over the ages. We think, for example, of the Romans, the ancient Celts, the Saxons, the Normans. Arguably, however, all of their achievements pale into insignificance when compared with the Vikings who came by longboat from Scandinavia.

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Print this map Poland In Prehistory Historians have recorded that in ancient times a variety of distinct tribal groups inhabited this land now called Poland. Primary among these were Slavic tribes. The Slavic tribes that he united to form Poland consisted of around a million people. It was further weakened by the wars waged by his sons against each other. The Christian Crusades were a wide series of military campaigns fought across Europe.

This decision would ultimately lead to centuries of warfare pitting Poland against the Knights, with the Knights ruthless in their war against the Baltic pagans.

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Alba is a nation in north-western Europe , the second-largest of the constituent nations of the United Kingdom. It has a sixty mile 96km land border with England to the south, and is separated from Northern Ireland by the North Channel of the Irish Sea. The capital is Edinburgh and the largest city is Glasgow. Scotland is surrounded by the bracing waters of the North Sea to the east, and the North Atlantic Ocean to the west and north.

Aulery to coroczny, najstarszy polski konkurs dla startupów i firm technologicznych organizowany od roku. Wybieramy liderów rynku i wskazujemy najlepsze polskie firmy z globalnym potencjałem.

Thurston and fired by A. Collis and Fireman E. On Tuesday 28 January No. Sparrow and Fireman Miles. Bogie tipping wagons with continuous brakes, German Railways. Hall; also tank No. Three tank engines converted to the type were Nos. Engines condemned were tank No. The tanks of the Great Eastern Railway. They had 5ft 3in coupled wheels and 17 x 24 in cylinders. They may be regarded as the prototypes for the Johnson Midland Railway class.

They worked the Enfield and Walthamstow branches and were capable of hauling the Newmarket Race specials. No, was painted royal blue for working Queen Victoria’s train to Chingford in when she opened Epping Forest to the public.


Poland aims for high-speed rail service by 4th June , 0 comments Once the green light is given, Poland will be inviting companies to bid for the EUR 8-billion-project to lay a new line capable of handling high-speed trains. Laying a new line capable of handling high-speed trains between Warsaw and the western cities of Poznan and Wroclaw could in theory slash journey times by more than half.

The plan is due to be submitted to the government for a final green light in coming months in order to have a feasibility study completed by , Grabarczyk said.

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I have given a lot of time since the last few months over the topic of animating an element along a circular path. Your article was a great help in laying down the foundations. Suppose I had 6 elements — so I had to perform 12 animations. I thought I could improve on this. CSS transitions are more suited for this as circular motion is basically transition of an element from one state to another.

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Leftist Scholars Are Trying To Claim That The Vikings Were Muslim

Early history[ edit ] Construction of St John’s Cathedral began in It is one of Warsaw’s most ancient and important buildings. In the beginning of the 14th century it became one of the seats of the Dukes of Masovia , becoming the official capital of the Masovian Duchy in Upon the extinction of the local ducal line, the duchy was reincorporated into the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland in Painted by Bernardo Bellotto In , Warsaw for the first time became the seat of the General Sejm , permanently from

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Perhaps the key experiment in the history of modern science is Galileo ‘s demonstration that falling objects must fall at the same rate regardless of their masses. This is widely thought [6] to have been a straightforward physical demonstration, involving climbing up the Leaning Tower of Pisa and dropping two heavy weights off it, whereas in fact, it was a logical demonstration, using the ‘thought experiment’ technique.

The ‘experiment’ is described by Galileo in Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche literally, ‘Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations’ thus: If then we take two bodies whose natural speeds are different, it is clear that on uniting the two, the more rapid one will be partly retarded by the slower, and the slower will be somewhat hastened by the swifter. Do you not agree with me in this opinion?

You are unquestionably right. But if this is true, and if a large stone moves with a speed of, say, eight while a smaller moves with a speed of four, then when they are united, the system will move with a speed less than eight; but the two stones when tied together make a stone larger than that which before moved with a speed of eight. Hence the heavier body moves with less speed than the lighter; an effect which is contrary to your supposition.

Thus you see how, from your assumption that the heavier body moves more rapidly than the lighter one, I infer that the heavier body moves more slowly.

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